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Mediterranean style bathrooms

07 October on Tips and tricks

The Mediterranean style is based on a décor inspired by the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain, Italy, Greece and part of North Africa. Currently this decorative...


Tips: How to divide the bathroom

23 September on Tips and tricks, Bath furnishing

Not all bathrooms allow different atmospheres to be created, either because of their architecture or size, but if we have a room of a reasonable size we can divide it...


Plants for the bathroom

27 July on Tips and tricks, Sin categoría

The bathroom is considered as one of the most difficult areas to decorate due to humidity and temperature variations; one resource that can help decorate your bathroom while avoiding these...


How to convert your bathroom into a relaxing spa

22 July on Beauty and health

6 tricks to convert your bathroom into an authentic home spa When you arrive home after a long day at work, the only thing you think about is relaxing and...


Bathroom lighting

20 July on Complementos, Tips and tricks

Nowadays, bathrooms are less and less exclusively functional spaces, but rather evolving toward a space for personal care or "home spa". Bathroom lighting is just as important as its decor....


6 Tips for making your bathroom look bigger

27 June on Tips and tricks

We often think that the only way of making our bathroom look bigger is investing lots of money in carrying out a complete refurbishment. Although this is an option as...


7 tips to give warmth to your bathroom

31 May on Tips and tricks

Bathrooms are usually the rooms in homes in which the least time and money are invested for their decoration and improvement. We usually provide this room with basic appliances that...


Rustic bathrooms: warmth in a rural setting

17 May on Sin categoría

Rustic style bathrooms have come about via two sources: on the one hand, from rural and mountain areas, where due to their geographical features materials such as stone and wood...

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