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Renew your bathroom without reforms

09 February on Tips and tricks, Bath furnishing

The importance of the bathroom in a house is vital and is one of the rooms that more care needs. Surely you have thought more than once renovate your bathroom...


How to clean the bathroom?

20 January on Tips and tricks, Noticias Royo

The bathroom is an indispensable part of your home and because of this, it is vital to keep it hygienically clean. The bath, the shower, the sink, the toilet, the tiles...


The latest trends in bathroom decor

04 December on Tips and tricks, Emotion, Bath furnishing, Products

In recent years, interior design has evolved towards new concepts of simplicity in forms and functionality. Decorating bathrooms has also been influenced by these new trends. In this post we...


At what height should you fit your bathroom elements? (infographic)

20 November on Tips and tricks, Bath furnishing

Have you ever asked yourself what the perfect height for bathroom furniture is? It's normal that these questions should arise when you are fitting a bathroom. It is important to...


Shower tray or bathtub? We help you choose.

22 October on Tips and tricks, Hydromassage, Bath furnishing

Whether you're designing a new bathroom or you're reforming an old one, you have probably asked yourself this question. This is a key point in any bathroom, and that is...


How to decorate a zen bathroom: decorating tips

07 October on Tips and tricks, Bath furnishing

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom and you just don’t know in what style? Zen style, a Japanese Buddhist architectural style  derived from the Chinese Song Dynasty , is...


Bathroom for kids: how to decorate a bathroom for your children

15 September on Tips and tricks

Do you have children and have you decided to customize their bathroom? If your house has a separate bathroom for your children, you should consider the possibility of decorating and...


Renovate your bathroom: tips for wall decoration

11 August on Tips and tricks

Are you looking to change your bathroom? A good way to renew it would be start by giving your walls a new look. Paint it a new colour, put bold...

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